Elope Asheville… And now Greenville, too!
02 Apr 2015

Elope Asheville… And now Greenville, too!

Elope Asheville has now been in operations for FIVE YEARS!  When I started this business, I had hopes that maybe – one day – I could possibly, hopefully, do well enough to do it full time.  Wouldn’t that be great?!

That dream came true half-way through the third year in business!  Last year, 2014, was my first complete year working full-time helping couples get married without going into extreme debt, and I honestly feel like the happiest person in the world.

I created Elope Asheville with the belief that there was a problem out there with no appealing solution.  The two options were: go to the courthouse and get married by a government worker under fluorescent bulbs, or spend $30,000 on a wedding that you’d only remember by how stressful it was.

I have met hundreds of couples over the past five years who wanted beautiful, natural surroundings; they didn’t want to stress about anything (except maybe the vows they were going to write); and didn’t want to go into debt.

In telling others about Elope Asheville, I have been told countless times that I could probably charge twice as much as I currently do.  They are right, I probably could.  I could be making a lot more money and drive a brand new car and live in a nicer house.  If I did that, though, I would no longer be able to believe in my business’s mission.

Elope Asheville… but in South Carolina!

This winter, I decided I wanted to bring what Elope Asheville offers to another town, and I chose Greenville, South Carolina.  Even though it’s only an hour away, it’s a different state with different procedures to get married.  The biggest difference, legally, is that South Carolina requires a 24-hour waiting period between applying for your license and picking it up.

Elope AshevilleElope Greenville now offers the exact same convenience, value, and romance as Elope Asheville for our Upstate friends who don’t want to drive up the mountain.  We have several great locations across Greenville County, and as always we can come to you, wherever you wish!

One exciting thing about Elope Greenville is the ability to use Pretty Place as a wedding location.  I have been getting requests for Pretty Place since I started doing elopements, but I couldn’t do them there because the location is in South Carolina.  The venue cost for Pretty Place is higher than any of my other venues, but you will be able to have a lot of guests there!

So, if you are interested in what Elope Asheville offers but wish to stay in South Carolina, please visit Elope Greenville to get the process started.  It’s easier than you think, and you’ll actually enjoy your wedding day!


  1. Ashley Forrester Says: October 14, 2015 at 8:15 pm

    I’m hoping to have an elopement the weekend before Christmas or December 27. My fiancée and I have been making plans to do this in the upstate but ran across your website and live the idea of a stress free wedding. Intimate, beautiful and special to celebrate what God has done bringing us together. I just wanted to see if the timing was something your could work with, pricing, and if we can have our own pastor??
    Thanks for your time! :)

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