Elope in Asheville on a Mountaintop Vineyard
02 May 2014

Elope in Asheville on a Mountaintop Vineyard

When you elope in Asheville, being on the top of a mountain with a fantastic view is one of the things that might come to mind.

Jessica and Zach wanted the mountaintop view for their special day, and we were more than happy to provide.  I even put in a special order for nice weather for them.  Having a meteorologist as a wife has its benefits.

elope in Asheville

Celeste and Zach elope in Asheville during a mountaintop sunset wedding with just their closest family.

A bit of a confession: I feel like I did an especially good job when someone cries during a ceremony.  To me, as the owner of Elope Asheville, it means that the moment is real, that no other distractions are keeping the couples from being anywhere else except right next to one another, pouring their hearts out to one another.

Jessica and Zach had about ten guests come to celebrate this moment of their lives together with them.  I am proud to say there was barely a dry eye amongst any of them.  It was a beautiful day with an incredible family that I was honored to meet.

Congratulations Jessica and Zach!  Many happy memories!!

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