Our Team

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Jon-Paul Brown

Jon-Paul started Elope Asheville in November of 2010 while planning his own wedding.  His was “only” going to have about 50 guests, but the budget and stress both went through the roof.  He dreamed of a wedding experience that was beautiful, fun, yet inexpensive and stress-free.  He decided to create that experience for others, and the business took off!

He and his wife Heather have since had twin girls (in 2013) and currently live just outside of Asheville.

Amanda Berk

Amanda is co-owner of Elope Asheville and is the head photographer as well as main contact for all incoming communications.  She has been shooting with Elope Asheville since the beginning and is full of creative energy! Amanda has a light and calming demeanor and takes the time to get to know you and put you at ease to get the most natural shots.

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Ben Allen

Ben, an Army veteran, has been a photographer for Elope Asheville since early 2016.  He has a special talent for making even the most nervous couples relax, usually with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor.  Silly and fun, Ben loves adventure and is always willing to go the extra mile; whether it’s climbing knee-deep in a waterfall or scaling a rocky cliff, he will do anything to get the perfect shot.

Paul Judd Pires

Paul has been officiating weddings with Elope Asheville since 2013.  A Bermuda native, Paul loves nature and spending time outdoors and has a background education in philosophy and religious studies.

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Zach Shackelford

Zach is a kind, gentle spirit with an amazing eye for portraits and making the most of a beautiful landscape.  He always has clients laughing and having a great time while also deeply respecting the mood and atmosphere of such an intimate moment.  Zach and his wife, Maggie, have recently welcomed a new addition to their family, and he is loving fatherhood.

Crystal Perrow

Crystal is Elope Asheville’s social media and marketing director.  She has been a freelance graphic artist for fifteen years and maintains an active career in broadcasting. Apart from her busy career, she manages being a mother of two and stays active in the Asheville community.