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After the wedding is over, you will look forward to seeing the memories recorded by our team of photographers with Amanda Berk Photography, who are professionals at capturing the romance and excitement you felt on your wedding day. They will work with you to beautifully document your wedding day, capturing candid shots during the ceremony as well as posed shots afterward.

Adding the extensive experience with Amanda Berk Photography as part of your wedding day will ensure you get the perfect shot that completely sums up the happiness and love you shared on your wedding day.

Beside is a small sample of pictures Amanda and her team has taken of our elopements.  As you can see, every elopement is as unique as the couple whose ceremony we perform, and we look forward to meeting you and getting to know exactly what makes you, and the relationship you have, completely unique!

There are two pricing options you can include with your elopement package.  The details of each option are provided below.  Each package that includes photography includes the first option – Basic Photography Package.  The second option is an add-on that you can purchase at the time of booking your wedding day.

Basic Photography Package
Provides for location and shooting fees of your photographer
Your photographer shoots for the entire length of time you are on-site
You will be provided approximately 150 pictures presented in an online gallery
You will have the option to buy as many or as few at Amanda’s very reasonable prices
Photos can be bought as digital downloads or as prints
Pictures include full copyright release for you to do as you please
Premium Photography Add-On
Includes everything you need to share your day with family and friends
Shortly after your ceremony, you will receive priority expedited photo editing with 10 high-resolution image downloads for use in announcements
You will then receive all fully edited, high-resolution images, with full printing rights, as digital downloads.
You will be entitled to 40% off all additional prints, products, and digital downloads